Domestic Violence And Protective Orders

Domestic violence cases are serious matters and must be handled with great care and sensitivity, especially given what is at stake. Whether you are a victim of abuse or have been accused of domestic violence, the Law Offices of Nora M. Artalejo can provide you with honest, compassionate legal representation.

Throughout your entire case, we will take the time to explain your options, and help you understand how your domestic violence case may impact other family-related issues, including child custody and visitation.

At the Law Offices of Nora M. Artalejo, we can answer any legal questions you may have regarding domestic violence and protective orders. No matter whether you need help protecting your family or are facing allegations of domestic abuse, we can provide you with experienced guidance. To schedule a consultation with a lawyer, call us today at 915-519-4697 or email us online.

Can I Protect My Pets From Domestic Violence?

While order of protection have traditionally been used to safeguard family members from further abuse, Texas law expressly allows people to include pets in domestic violence protective orders. Specifically, these orders can prohibit a person from harming, threatening or interfering with the care of a family pet.

As an animal lover herself ― not to mention a member of the Board of Directors of the El Paso Humane Society ― attorney Nora M. Artalejo is a firm believer in ensuring the safety of both family members and family pets, especially since many people already consider their pets to be part of the family.