Personal Injury

If you have been in a serious car crash, or suffered any type of severe personal injury, you may have many problems in addition to your agonizing pain. For instance, you may be left with a mountain of medical debt and no way to pay it ― particularly if you don't have a paycheck coming in since you are now unable to work.

Fortunately, the dedicated legal professionals at the Law Offices of Nora M. Artalejo are available to provide honest, compassionate legal guidance. We will do everything possible to help ensure the person responsible for your accident is held accountable and you get the compensation you deserve.

With more than a decade of legal experience, attorney Nora M. Artalejo knows her way around a courtroom. In fact, she practiced personal injury defense for several years ― meaning she knows how both sides work. So let her put this experience to work for you. Contact us today for a FREE personal injury consultation. You can email us online or call us at 915-519-4697. From our El Paso office, we represent clients throughout El Paso County and the surrounding area.

Legal Assistance With Many Types Of Personal Injury Claims

Whether you have suffered a head injury or simply have back pain after an accident, we can help. In fact, we have experience assisting clients in a wide variety of personal injury claims, including those injured in:

When you seek legal representation from the Law Offices of Nora M. Artalejo, you can count us to always act in your best interests. For instance, if your case is best resolved by settling, we will. However, we will not hesitate to go to court and litigate your claim if needed. Simply put, we have the experience to do whatever is necessary to help you get the best recovery possible. Contact us today to speak to a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer.