Helping Clients Understand Legal Liability Following A Dog Bite Or Attack

Whether you are the victim of a dog attack or the owner of a dog that has allegedly bitten another person, there are many things you need to know about dog bite liability in Texas.

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Dog Owner Liability In Texas: The Basics

While a dog cannot be held legally accountable when it attacks, the same cannot be said about the dog's owner. In fact, under Texas law, a dog owner may be held liable for any injuries caused when his or her dog bites another person ― but only in certain situations.

For instance, Texas follows the one bite rule when it comes to personal injury claims following a dog attack or bite. Under this rule, a dog owner may be liable for injuries if he or she already knew, or had reason to know, that his or her dog was dangerous or likely to cause injury.

Therefore, if a dog previously exhibited some propensity for violence, such as biting, attacking or snapping at a person, the owner is considered to be on notice that his or her dog is dangerous ― and thus potentially liable if the dog subsequently injures a different person.

However, the process of proving liability can be complex and involve many additional factors, which is why it is always best to contact an attorney if you have been bit by a dog or, conversely, your dog has bit another person.